AMERICAN IDOL (2011) “Final Cuts Part One” Review

AMERICAN IDOL (2011) "Final Cuts Part One" Season 10 Episode 9 – I titled this post "Final Cuts Part One" for lack of anything better to call it. I can’t call it "Final Cuts Part Two-Thirds," since that’s obviously the title of tomorrow’s show. I can’t come out and call it "FOX Television giggles like naughty schoolchildren as they rake in the corporate sponsorship dough by painfully and needlessly drawing out the American Idol Top 24 selection process." Nor can I call it "I’ll Never Watch This Freaking Show Ever Again." Because it’s sort of my job to watch it.

Sure, go ahead, say it: "At least you get paid, right?" My retort is "At least you can change the channel."

(Might I suggest to our gentle readers some quality fare, something perhaps like the hilarious Modern Family, which also airs on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM on ABC.) Read More...


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