OFF THE MAP “Es Un Milagro” Review

OFF THE MAP "Es Un Milagro" Season 1 Episode 7 – There’s bad luck and then there’s really bad luck. Last week a man had to endure surgery when there was no medicine to be found in the clinic and then, just when he’s barely patched together, the chopper he and his wife are flying in crashes. So he’s split open again but it’s his wife who’s worse off and though she seems fine at first, she’s the one who dies. Like I said – really bad luck. The worst of it was how hard it hit Mina and watching her try so hard to keep the woman alive.
In this episode we also learned a little more about Charlie. Up until now, he’s just been this cute little kid hanging on Tommy’s coat tails. But we got to find out a little more about him and it turns out that he’s had a pretty rough time of it in the past. Though he’s not exactly living in a cardboard box (far from it actually), he still needs the clinic and the people in it to make up for the family he no longer has. Read More...


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