CRIMINAL MINDS: SUSPECT BEHAVIOR "Lonely Hearts" Review Season 1 Episode 2 – After what many considered to be a very rough start for this new spinoff last week, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior returned this week with a decidedly darker and more focused episode this week in "Lonely Hearts".

Many assumed that this show would be even more dark and dangerous than the original show since the team is, after all, the "Red Cells" division of the FBI. This seemed to be hinting that the cases taken on this show would be even darker and more disturbing than the original, which made the series premiere last year all the more surprising when it ended up being a relatively tame child abduction case. This episode seemed to be setting a darker tone from the very first scene, which I personally like. My main complaint with the premiere is that it had absolutely no consistent tone. If a spin-off show is not setting any kind of individual tone that distinguishes it from the original, then there’s really no reason for the show to exist. It’s just more of the same. Read More...


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