'Top Chef' recap: A N'awlins Funeral

At the dawn of last night’s episode, the chefs were abuzz, talking about how Angelo should have stayed and Tiffany should have gone. Tiffany shook her head in amazement along with the rest of them. "I was completely surprised!" she boomed to us in her version of an inside voice. Dale told us he was sad, but people have to go, and at least it wasn’t him. He sounded like he was very old and talking about death, not reality-show elimination. Tiffany applied makeup to her face to help her perform better. She didn’t look any different afterward, at least not so you could tell from my couch, but everyone laughed and clapped.

The sixsome filed into Quickfire Island to greet Padmabot and their new guest judge: Paula Deen. Paula is famous for being Southern and for loving butter. To a disturbing degree. If there’s ever one of those I’m Afraid of Pickles!Maury episodes about someone who’s afraid of butter, the producers should definitely call Paula in to be the torment monster. They probably wouldn’t even need to tell her what she was there for, just let her walk out on stage to talk normally until the butterphobe ran desperately into the studio audience and the segment could be declared a success. That’s how much Paula instinctively talks about butter! Which makes her more of a novelty item than a chef, but definitely less of a novelty item than any of the Muppets who judged last week’s Quickfire. Read More...



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