Jon Stewart Accepts Donald Rumsfeld's Apology For The Iraq War ... But There's A Catch (VIDEO)

Iraq War architect Donald Rumsfeld was long-time Iraq War critic Jon Stewart's guest on 'The Daily Show' (Weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy Central.)
Before they got started, Stewart wanted to clear something up:
"Obviously, elephant in the room, tension between us -- I think I know why you're here, and let me just deflate the tension right off the bat: Apology accepted."
"No we can move on," Stewart continued, as the crowd cheered and Rumsfeld laughed. "Have a nice day, a nice conversation. I know this has been troubling you for some time now ... "
And the two did have a cordial and surprisingly funny conversation about some of the decisions leading up to the Iraq War. (And no, Rumsfeld never actually apologized for anything.)


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