WHITE COLLAR Recap: ‘Payback’

Does anyone else think we’re working up to a killer finale? What with Neal’s history playing such a prominent role in the past several episodes and the focus on his growing friendship with Peter, it seems like the show’s intensity is ratcheting up a few notches every week.

Last night’s episode had plenty of that emotion and depth, showcasing once again how close Neal and Peter are, as well as the dichotomy between the grifter Neal used to be and the "law man" he might be becoming.

The music box was, once again, not even mentioned – although we did have some talk of Kate. Mostly, though, the episode focused on the Case of the Week and that slimy, slimy Keller.

Seriously, does anyone else question Keller’s credibility as Neal’s big rival? I have such a hard time buying that the guy we see — despite his ability to pull off a clever prison break — is of the same caliber as Neal Caffrey. Where Neal is smooth, Keller is slick – and there’s a big difference between the two. I suppose that’s another illustration of Neal’s character and, possibly, his future on the right side of the law.

Regardless, I don’t like this character. Unfortunately, the end of the episode left his situation much too wide open for me to hold on to my hope that we won’t be seeing him again. Read More...



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