'Top Chef All-Stars' Recap: Very Fishy

Only six of the cheftestants are still around, so it's getting more cutthroat by the second. And we don't even have Muppets to soften the blows this week! How will the cheftestants make it through "For the Gulf" on their own? Sigh...

Anyway, as always we begin with reflection on last week's elimination. Everyone, including Tiffany, thought Tiffany was going to go. Mike might not get over the shock anytime soon. Poor lost bromance... Richard takes solace in planning. Everyone else takes solace in teasing Tiffany. Except for Tiffany who's worried about getting eliminated at the same point this season as last season.

It's time for the Quickfire Challenge! And the cheftestants wander in to find... Paula Deen! The excitement brings Tiffany quickly to shrieks. The challenge, fittingly, is to impress Paula Deen with a deep-fried dish. The winner gets $5000. For fried stuff. This had better be good. Read More...



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