Survivor: Redemption Island 22.2 "You Own My Vote" Recap

Night.  Day Three.  Francesca arrives on Redemption Island (heretofore "RI"), and says her mind is racing; she's not going to sleep tonight.  In the darkness, she reads a note about her allotment of water and rice.  She says Tribal Council was crazy thanks to Phillip flipping out.  Francesca looks for flint, and fortunately she has some.  She is actually happy to be on RI because she thinks it is good for her game.  She was friendly with everyone, but not in the majority alliance, so maybe she can come back later in the game when things have changed.

Ometepe arrives back at their beach after "one of the wildest Tribal Councils" Rob has ever seen.  Kristina confides to the camera that she feels lucky she still has the Hidden Immunity Idol.  Phillip calls Rob over, and tells the Bostonian that until, he goes to RI, Rob owns Phillip's vote.  Rob confesses that Phillip is quite the piece of work.  He thinks Phillip is a good-hearted guy, but he's clearly not all there.  "Phillips is proof government jobs are stressful," Rob jokes.  He gathers his alliance of six, and says that they just need to stay strong for two more Tribal Councils, and then they can play all the strategy they want.  The alliance agrees that Phillip is out next, but maybe they should win some challenges before they vote him out.  Matt is down with that. Read More...


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