Review: One Way Or Another, We All Score With 'Hall Pass'

Before I start on ‘HALL PASS,’ I’d like to start this review by saying this: I always root for the underdog and when finding out Writer Pete Jones is behind this film, I needed to give it my respect and undivided attention. I’m sure most reading this may be asking "Why would someone by the name of Pete Jones matter whether you’ll watch this film or not?" Okay, I’ll tell you… Chicago native Pete Jones is a man which stands on his own when visually defining someone who beat the odds in a business among challenging thousands, and through the roughest of terrain while maintaining his own, the man literally won a contest whom most snubbed back in 2001, and even though most thought he’d fade into a population of failed artists, ten years later his name is still floating around. I’m happy for him. And if it weren’t for a once then airing show titled ‘PROJECT GREENLIGHT’—basically ‘AMERICAN IDOL’ for filmmakers with a tweak—who knows where this man would be today. Read More...


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