'Justified' 2.03 'The I of the Storm' Recap and Review

You know what I learned from this week's Justified? Nothing good ever happens on a school bus. Especially if it's stolen. That goes double if it's got drugs inside. But as usual, when things go bad, it makes for great TV.

Dewey Crowe (remember him from the pilot?) is back in town, and trying to hang out with Boyd, who's not interested in his company, especially when he starts talking about how he's "going to be flush" and has "things lined up." Those phrases are always loaded.

Meanwhile, Raylan and Winona are on a date outside of Lexington, which raises Raylan's ire. "We drive to the middle of nowhere," he says. "We lie to everyone we know." She retorts that even though her husband knows about their affair, she's still married. "Are you not divorcing Gary?" he retorts, and gets a further slap in the face when she says she's not sure they can be genuinely happy together. As if that's not bad enough, she spots Tim Gutterson at the bar, and decides to end their evening right there for fear of being caught. This scene is a perfect example of why I dislike Winona right now; it seems like she wants everything with none of the consequences. At least Raylan's trademark bluntness comes in handy to ask the questions that one should ask when sleeping with one's remarried ex-wife. It goes without saying that someone in this love triangle is going to get burned, and no one is going to come out of it looking good. Read More...



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