V: "Birth Pangs" Review

While not as exciting as "Siege," this week's episode was full of big revelations and major discoveries that advanced the story along in tremendous ways. In "Birth Pangs" (not the best title, I know), we actually leapt forward over a week in time to give us some distance from Joe's death and found a new, bolder and more aggressive Erica. An Erica who needed to prove herself to Eli's global Fifth Column contacts. It was a nice shift and I enjoyed the scene where she threatened to torture the V sleeper chick, Dr. Rai. Also, for the record, I'm a fan of shots where people jump off a building and it looks like a person actually jumping off a building. Yeah, I know there was lots of CG used, but Rai's swan dive still looked pretty swell. I'm not sure what to make of the little romantic moment between Hobbes and Erica while laying on the closet floor, trying to open the safe. It seems like she's been giving meaningful glances to everyone these days. Jack, Joe and now…you know, Grizzlebee. And wasn't Hobbes an international arms-dealer of mystery? Yet there he was demanding donuts in Hong Kong? Wouldn't he be familiar with worldly cuisine? Anyhow. It was good to see him in action, providing much needed muscle and grit.  Read More...



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