MR SUNSHINE “Heather’s Sister” Review

MR SUNSHINE "Heather’s Sister" Season 1 Episode 3 – Mr Sunshine premiered with high expectations. The pilot was marred by a lack of humor (kinda essential with a comedy). The second episode fared only slightly better. Watching the third episode makes me hope that people will give this show the chance it deserves.

Ben’s secretary Heather makes an appointment for him to have dinner with the one and only Tony Hawk. She tricked him. Instead, he met with Stephanie, Heather’s sister. Stephanie, in Ben’s word, is "agreeable." It was a complete schtick, but the writing and acting that went into the Stephanie story was of the highest quality. Stephanie’s need to please and her submissive facade were hilarious, as is the continuing gag about Heather’s mental instability. Read More...


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