CRIMINAL MINDS "Coda" Season 6 Episode 16 – The parents of an autistic boy are kidnapped from their home at gunpoint while their young son practices the piano. When the boy shows up at school with an empty lunchbox and blood splattered across his face, the BAU are called to investigate.

The case of the week felt like a lifetime story of the week. Granted with Criminal Minds a certain amount of sap is always going to be delivered, but this week’s episode was oftentimes just stupid. That the autistic boy would grab Reid’s hand and teach Reid some keys on the piano was the breaking point of what had, up until that moment, been a reasonable if unmemorable episode.

When I say breaking point, I mean the point at which I rolled my eyes. I did not actually break something. I was a little disheartened to hear such cheesy cop outs like when Garcia was ordered to cross check the family acquaintances with the letter ‘L’. I mean, did someone actually write that? Obviously yes, but was there no one around to point out how stupid that sounded? Read More...


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