'The Office' Season 7, Episode 17 Recap

Admit it: as soon as you read the title of this episode, you knew what the plot of it was basically going to be, didn't you? After all, Michael Scott is evolving into a mature man before our eyes, and we know he's going to leave soon. Having an episode revolve around Todd Packer, a character who has become less important to 'The Office' as time goes by, meant that we would see Michael finally deal with his unnatural admiration for Dunder Mifflin's piggish traveling salesman.

And that's what we got. Really, it was an episode that needed to happen, given the fact that Michael's time in Scranton is short. It wasn't particularly funny, but it didn't seem to matter much whether it was funny or not. For Michael to move on and start a new life with Holly, the Packer issue needed to be addressed. Read More...



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