American Idol Recap - Top 24 Revealed

The picking out of semifinalists on American Idol has to be the most agonizing episode to watch. On one hand, I want to see everyone's reaction. On the other, did we really need to take two hours to tell people yes and no?

Every year, it seems the producers try to outdo themselves in making the contestants travel to and from their final judgment. It's gone from a room, to a mansion, and this year is in the nicest looking airplane hangar I've ever seen. (I'm a military brat, so I've seen quite a few.) What's next year going to be? Will the contestants have to take a small boat to a remote island?

This is a fairly straight-forward episode, so I'm going to go down the line, just as Idol did. (Although I promise to try and keep my word count down.) Read More...


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