COMMUNITY “Political Developments & Uncivil Disobedience” Review

COMMUNITY "Political Developments & Uncivil Disobedience" Season 2 Episode 17 – "Folksy yet progressive" Vice President Joe Biden is coming to Greendale, leading to a throw-down between Jeff and Annie in the race for student president in the "Political Developments & Uncivil Disobedience" episode of COMMUNITY.

It was only a matter of time before Community did a full-on political satire episode, and wow, did they do it right. There’s thoughtful debate between Leonard and Magnitude: "Pop pop"/"Thbbt" and insightful commentary from Troy "Buttsoup" Barnes: "Yellow shirt. Hat. Girl." There is dignity given the proceedings by Dean Pelton in his patriotic ladies’ Uncle Sam costume (too bad Adrianne Palicki was already cast as Wonder Woman because Jim Rash and his pretty legs could have been a contender for the role). We have oh-so serious candidates: "It’s on, Ponce de Leon"/"I’m gonna, Greg Muldunna" Best of all, there is scandal and mudslinging. I could watch Jeff’s 1997 Real World Seattle audition tape a thousand times and not be sick of it. Of course he was a George Michael wannabe. Of freaking course. Say what you will about this or that, I don’t just like the guy, I love him. Read More...


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