PERFECT COUPLES “Perfect House” Review

PERFECT COUPLES "Perfect House" Episode 7 – Rex’s desire to win the mix couples championship in tennis brings out his competetive streak and he manages to drag Julia in with him. Vance and Dave decide to stay overnight in a client’s house to take some time for themselves, until one of them quickly ruins it.

Apparently Leigh has been trying to keep up with Rex’s sports prowess, but in reality is not that much of an athlete. This results in many fake injuries, the recent one being tennis elbow. Luckily Julia is there to tag in and she just happens to be rather good at tennis. When Dave commented, "Oh, competetive Julia. Yay." I wondered how bad she would get. Suggesting that your opponent is not satisfying her husband in bed? Pretty bad. As for Leigh’s sudden resurgence of passion for a sport that she doesn’t know involves a racket versus a paddle, I think I looked just as shocked/disgusted as Julia when Rex forgave her so easily for losing 13 straight games. He must love her because that little trophy was pathetic. Read More...


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