Parks and Recreation Review: "Indianapolis"

There was Ann and her realization that she was dumped a week ago by someone so chipper that she didn't even understand what took place. Among the highlights from this development: Chris' stone-faced explanation of why there's a ladies' razor in his bathroom, along with Leslie's admission that a guy once broke up with her in the shower.

There was poor Tommy and his not-so-Fresh idea, which helped incorporate Ben into the group and included the first sitcom scene I can recall that featured one friend dry-heaving over the awful scent of another's self-created fragrance. Someone get that man a Miller Lite!

There was Ron and his disappointment over a lack of real steak in the entire city. Need I even type out what made this storyline so ridiculous and hilarious? No? Good. I need to go round up all the bacon and eggs I can find in case Ron stops by later.

Finally, there was the one sequence of events that was anything but tragic. Andy and April bonding over a competition to steal stuff was downright adorable. Because the latter has been so dour over a majority of the series, the smile on her face in the presence of Andy really says everything that needs to be said about these two. Read More...


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