Archer Review: "The Double Deuce"

While not as strong as last week's stand-alone "Pipeline Fever," this week's episode was still solid as we saw the return of the wee baby Shamus after his introduction two weeks ago.

Unfortunately, much of the episode was spent in flashbacks telling the homoerotic story of Woodhouse and "The Double Deuce."  While there were a few hilarious moments of Woodhouse as a batman, too much of the episode was spent using overdone accents to tell cheesy sexual innuendos.

Luckily, any scene that cut to the present time with Archer being possibly the worst father and Malory an even worse grandmother more than made up for it.  Sometimes in the background, but often in the foreground, we witnessed the wee baby Shamus get drunk, eat shaving cream, and play with blades.

The episode, sticking with the theme of season two, continued to dive more into the backgrounds of characters.  Not only did we learn what a war hero Woodhouse was, but also saw a young Malory, with an inexplicable eye patch, give birth to Archer in Woodhouse's dirty bar in Tangiers. Read More...


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