'Nikita' Season 1, Episode 16 Recap

Different shows have different areas of expertise. No surprise there. Nothing inflammatory or revelatory about that statement. 'Nikita' does some things well, others less so. But one thing it does EXTREMELY well? Produce in-season cliffhangers that make you ready for the next episode to drop as soon as possible. Just like December's finale 'All the Way,' tonight's episode, 'Echoes,' (the last one until March) gave the show some intriguing possibilities in addition to one heck of a final shot.

It's possible that if one looks at the way in which the mythology on this show is being hastily thrown together, the entire thing falls apart. The backstory involving Alex's father, Nikita's role in his death, and Alex's potential future as the head of the super evil corporation Zetrov might be an elaborately improvised game of narrative Jenga. But for right now, it's a heckuva lot more fun than the search for a bunch of black boxes. I'll take Lyndsy Fonseca doing her best Nina Dobrev versus a series-long scavenger hunt, thank you kindly. (I love how apparently having just one Thursday night show in which a young, talented, attractive female star playing multiple roles wasn't enough for The CW.) Read More...



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