THE MENTALIST “Red Queen” Review

THE MENTALIST "Red Queen" Season 3 Episode 16 – I’m still new to this show so I haven’t yet seen Jane as anything but a smart guy with goofy tendencies. Seeing him switch from that guy to the guy who was holding a weapon on Hightower (and looking very much like he was ready to use it), really opened my eyes to what lies underneath the man we normally see.

Starting the episode in the middle of the action, with us viewers having no clue what’s happening or why, is hardly new but it worked well for this episode. I knew that there simply had to be a good reason for Hightower to be holding a gun on Jane but even when we got back around to that part, I was amazed at how much worse it looked when we knew all the facts.

I had a very strong feeling that she wasn’t the culprit but I give the show props for making me doubt as long as I did. Now that we know she’s clear I’m very interested to see how Jane traps whoever it was who set her up like that. Read More...


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