NIKITA “Echoes” Review

NIKITA "Echoes" Season 1 Episode 16 - In tonight’s NIKITA, Amanda sends Alex on a drug-induced adventure, where Alex conjures up little Alexandra Udinov, the gang at Division, Nathan, and her father. She is chased by the red symbol of Zetrov, her father’s company, and is haunted by the secrets she knows and the secrets she is hiding.

Alex’s hallucinogenic treatment in this episode "Echoes" brings many issues to surface. First is the question of Alex’s legacy. Is she hiding from it or running away from it? Next is the question of her future plans. She envisioned a life with Nathan, seeing it as a way out. But her ego killed him and consequently the idea of a normal future. Because of this, Alex has begun to understand the dangers of Division, not just in relation to her own life but to those around her. Ultimately, Alex is just scared and trying to protect herself and others from harm – physically and psychologically. In the end, she voices her concern to Nikita about getting out of Division before it’s too late. Did you expect this to happen? I figured Nikita would be the one to bring up the topic and force Alex to make the decision to stay safe. Read More...


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