Stargate Universe 2.03 ''Awakening'' Recap Season 2, Episode 3

Tonight's SGU was pretty epic and a bit sad, but what's sadder is that SyFy's move from Friday to Tuesday nights hasn't helped the show in ratings. Hopefully, the network will move the show back to it's rightful spot during the mid season hiatus. Other than that, let's get to the recap.

Information Rendezvous

As the crew watches the space in front of them, they wonder what could be fast approaching them and if it will break to avoid collision. Col. Young doesn't wait for that to happen as he sends Brody to go ready the the weapons to blast the object. Rush recognizes the shape of the object as Ancient and realizes that the ship is just like the Destiny and has to be an Ancient Stargate seeder ship! The only problem? Rush knows this, which perturbs the hell out of Col. Young, who's trust issues with Rush are raging more than a teen's hormones.

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