'Jersey Shore' Season 3, Episode 9 Recap

I know 'Jersey Shore' is largely invested in taking things to the next level, which isn't difficult to do when you start at a level just below common street filth. The show only works if it can continually top its own shenanigans on a weekly basis -- and by "works," I mean, "keeps people tuning in out of morbid curiosity and or the chance to see someone from their high school get publicly embarrassed."

What happens when you run out of notches to take things up to? You get desperate and you go to extremes, but certainly incest is below even 'Jersey Shore's' standards of depravity and shamelessness, right? The truth is, they all talk about how they're a "family" until they're orange in the face, and while this carries little to no meaning, it still makes it feel like incest when Snooki talks about smushing Vinny, or Deena -- who's the hideous step-sibling in this equation -- drools over Pauly.

Will 'Jersey Shore' resort to one of the oldest sitcom tricks in the book by starting to pair off its principal characters like they're Ross and Rachel from 'Friends?' Let's hope so. It's the quickest way to get Pauly and the Situation to work through their latent homo-eroticism and just start dating exclusively already.



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