The Vampire Diaries 2.16 "The House Guest" Recap

I've officially run out of words to open a recap for The Vampire Diaries unless I start using expletives, which I unfortunately can't use describe the awesomeness that was last night's episode. In fact, I'm mentally circling how I'm going to be able to tackle the layers of goodness that was bestowed upon us tonight, especially given this episode marks the last one till April (cue the screams of torture now). With that said, I'm going to take on this recap the best way possible and try my damnedest to not leave anything out, without going overboard.

Elena and Stefan get duped by Katherine, who they just found out was released from the tomb due to Elijah's 'death.' It's unclear if Damon told Stefan beforehand of Katherine's escape, but the fact of the matter is that Elena is pissed and doesn't want any help that Katherine has to offer. Knowing that Elena and the Salvatore brothers aren't thinking straight, Katherine makes the point known that she's not going anywhere. Read More...


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