The Vampire Diaries 2.16 "The House Guest" Review

The Vampire Diaires has managed once again to cram so much in to one episode; romance, action, shocks, death and heartbreak. With so much content it would be easy to gloss over certain aspects yet they still manage to tell each part of the story as if only a few things happened.

Katherine is out of the tomb which means that the mischief begins from the outset, making it hard for viewers and Salvatore's alike to know which is the real Elena. Stefan for a brief moment thinks that he has got all hot and heavy with the wrong person, which was rather cruel but brilliant, not that Elena would agree after being thrown against the wall and not in the good way. Nina Dobrev once again shone with this double portrayal and even though it is less than likely to happen showed why she should be bestowed with acting awards beyond Teen Choice. The scenes between Katherine and Damon are a particular delight, both are the game players of the show and both try to use these best tactics on each other and whilst Damon seems to be not submitting with some ease it clearly hurt him that Katherine knew that the dagger would kill him. The best and most frustrating thing about Katherine is that you can never trust anything that she says or how she acts, is she being honest when she shows her dislike for Elena? I'm going to go with yes on this one, she has the real human life that Katherine was denied as the Petrova doppleganger and she has both the Salvatore men where Katherine once had them. Read More...


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