Grey's Anatomy 7.16 "Not Responsible" Review

It was another standard but stellar episode of Grey’s Anatomy last night with some emotional storylines and over arching plot points inching forward.

Baby drama was front and center last night for both the "three musketeers" and Meredith and Derek. While Callie, Mark, and Arizona argued about whether or not Callie should do an amnio test (a test of the amniotic fluid around the baby to determine the existence of genetic disorders), Meredith’s eyesight began to falter as a side effect of her fertility drugs.

After careful consideration, Callie decided to go ahead with the amnio test because she wants to be prepared for the future. Mark was stern in his feelings about this situation and showed just how serious he is about being a father. This future they all have, which Arizona believes is pretty much a dream for Callie as she has the woman she loves and her male best friend forever is awkward for Arizona. This future isn’t a dream for her. From now on, she has to deal with Mark in all of her life decisions and it’s a big adjustment. While her awkwardness here is understandable, something about the character of Arizona is off putting in this situation. Though, admittedly she is not one of my favorite characters so this could be just me. Read More...


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