PARKS AND RECREATION “Indianapolis” Review

PARKS AND RECREATION "Indianapolis" Season 3 Episode 6 - I honestly just continue to love PARKS AND RECREATION so much that I feel like all of my reviews say the same things.  This week, Tom decides to host a party for a cologne maker so he can pitch his
new scent "Tommy Fresh". 

Poor Tom.  Nothing seems to ever go right for him, and while he’s the definition of a moron at times, deep down I feel his heart is in the right place.  And let’s be honest, Parks and Recreation would be less of a show if not for him.  His chauvinistic comments and actions just crack me up. And when you throw in a dose of how self-centered he is. well, it’s just all downhill  from there.  But he’s still hilarious.

Turns out that Tom can’t really mix cologne, which is news that he takes to heart.   But with the help of his friends he gets revenge.  And it’s wonderful. Read More...


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