'American Idol' Recap: Breaking Down the Top 24

I’m supposed to be objective, but I can’t help it. Every year, I have an ‘Idol’ favorite. I don’t know how it happens, but once I see the contestant, I’m usually all in. Sometimes it’s about their raw talent, other times it’s just a certain aura they project. I never know how it happens, but it always does.

It also seems that every year my favorites suffer worse and worse fates. The first season, my favorite was Kelly Clarkson, and she won the damn thing. Last year, my favorite was Lilly Scott and she didn’t make it to the top 10 despite being the most talented contestant by a long shot. In between, my favorites have seen every type of fate, but lately being picked as my favorite has been something of a curse.

This year, it was worse than it’s ever been in both ways.

Firstly, I encountered my favorite contestant of all time: Molly Dewolf Swenson. She hit my like a favoritism tidal wave with an indelible mix of overwhelming beauty, a whip-smart wit, a cool jazzy voice and a way of carrying herself that just screamed class and brilliance. Yes, I fell ‘Idol’-hard for Ms. Molly and I’m afraid I may have doomed her to an unfortunate lack of camera time and an exit before the live shows. It seems the more I like a contestant, the sooner they go out and I think I liked Molly more than all the other favorites combined. We’ll miss ya Molly, you’re certainly the ‘Idol’ crush to end all ‘Idol’ crushes. Read More...



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