'Fairly Legal' 1.06 'Priceless' Review

Fairly Legal starts this week in a fun place. Justin is in a chippy mood, because he's in Kate's office with a boatload of other ADA's and she's not. (Does this woman ever get anywhere on time?) She's meeting with a top-flight exec named John Marsden (Currie Graham of House, 24 and Desperate Housewivesfame) who wants her to mediate the termination of a genius employee (Devon Gummersall, who looks a lot like a younger D.B. Sweeney). Marcus would rather throw the company's expensive prototype - or himself - off the roof. It's certainly not a slow opening for a series that sometimes struggles to find its pace. Unfortunately, it ends up sagging in the middle for another so-so episode.

By the end of the first act, we know that Marcus has actually hidden the prototype. As he's being carted off for a psych evaluation by the cops, Kate is left to figure out where the prototype is and save her mediation. In what is becoming common for this show, this requires doing things that annoy Justin and several other people along the way - and of course, they can never be seriously upset with her because she's perky and well-meaning. I have to agree with Justin's belief that she should switch to decaf; she seems particularly hyper in this episode, and it's a little grating. Read More...



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