OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 6 Reviews


OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 6 - An XP team go missing, this week. After three days, one of them returns home claiming ACs attacked the team – but is she telling the truth? Doubt is cast on her story when a second member of the team is found. He says it was Josie herself who turned on the team. When Josie is taken into custody, Stella hears a radio message sent from outside Forthaven – sent by Josie. But how is that possible?

Meanwhile, the pregnant wife of one of the XP team members goes into labour. It’s an important moment for Carpathia as this is the only current pregnancy. There are complications, though, leaving Stella to make a difficult decision – save the mother or save the child?

The plotlines in this episode were more of an emphasis than stories in their own right. We already knew that there is a severe lack of babies being born on Carpathia, but the B story of this episode served to highlight just how bad the situation is. Stella eventually decides that the baby’s life is the more important one but the mother survives anyway. While this is a happy, feel good moment for everyone involved on Carpathia, it completely negated the tension I felt over who would live and who would die. (And there was barely any tension there anyway, to be honest.)

The Josie plotline was an extension of the Tate’s kids/Pak’s dog arc. Not-Josie was a ghost/being/figment of everyone’s imagination. Unlike the kids and the dog, everyone could see Not-Josie, not just her loved ones. When Tate started talking about the hominid fossils, I was actually hoping Not-Josie would be some sort of strange shapeshifter being who wanted to integrate with the humans. Not because that would be a particularly good plot, but because it would brighten this show up a little.

Let’s face it, Outcasts is dull. I was enthusiastic about episode 1 because it barreled headfirst into a myriad of juicy plotlines – for better or for worse – and I expected it to level out into an intense mystery full of twists and turns. Instead it just seems to be petering out, losing bits of plot along the way and becoming a whole Lost/smoke monster…thing.

That said, the preview for next week looks pretty interesting. Here’s hoping that the final two episodes of Outcasts will pull everything together and send the series out with a bang.

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