CSI: MIAMI “Stoned Cold” Review

CSI: Miami Stone Cold

CSI: Miami "Stoned Cold" Review, Season 9 Episode 14 – CSI: Miami returned this week with an interesting episode in "Stoned Cold". Airing on Oscar night, where many movies are celebrated and awarded, we get an episode that draws heavy inspiration from one of my favorites: Mean Girls. Principal Lieber (Radzinsky from LOST!) even called Blair a "Mean Girl". Timely reference, guys.

The rest of the episode was a mixed bag. I have a hard time with the way teenagers are usually portrayed in TV shows. Since the writers that write for their characters are usually much older, we get an obvious disconnect in experiences and voices. A lot of instances in this episode come across as insincere and confused, and it hurts the episode as a whole. It sounds like a room full of writers asking themselves "Ok, how to teenagers talk nowadays?" It doesn’t help that the actress playing Blair was obviously much older than the ones portraying the other two.

It’s irritating to me that we got NO reference at all this week to the capture of Memmo Fiero in last week’s episode. I know this is a procedural, and that the reason that people enjoy shows like this is that each episode stands alone as an individual story, but we should have at least gotten a reference to such a huge event. This is a giant step for the team, and especially for H, and we don’t even hear about it? Even on CSI, they mentioned Nate Haskell two weeks in a row, and he didn’t kill the wife of any of the main characters!

Random Thoughts:

- My wife wants one of those magical tables where you place a CD on top of it and it automatically plays it.

- Why couldn’t they just get fingerprints off the rocks? Was that ever explained?

- I was bummed about Eric Lange’s performance as the principal in this episode. I think he’s a great character actor and was great in LOST and Modern Family. His performance this week was so wooden and forced, he could have been hosting the Oscars! ZING!



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