'The Cape' Season 1, Episode 9 Recap

The Cape Razer

['The Cape' - 'Razer']

I come not here to bury 'The Cape,' though by all accounts what we saw tonight was the last episode of the series that will ever air. What started out as an unencumbered show that promised a relatively light and colorful approach to the superhero genre ended with an episode that featured gang violence, torture, and at least two characters with significant mental instability. 'Razer,' like so much of the show, wasn't Must See TV so much as Must Take Aspirin TV.

That's a cheap joke, but it's as instructive to look at where shows go wrong as where they go right. It's fitting that this show featured the least amount of Tripp Faraday to date, since the show's initial reason for being (a father giving hope to a son) was lost in a series of Characters in Search of a Rogue's Gallery. One-name villains like Chess, Scales, Dice and Razer dotted the landscape. But so did a carnival, a carnival with a shady leader who had a plan of his own. There was also an attempt to look at the first police state in America, and a vigilante blogger threatening to expose everything, and ... yea, my head hurts too.


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Nov 18, 2011 11:22AM EST

*Smiles at the thought of your head hurting*

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