'Chuck' Season 4, Episode 17 Recap

Chuck Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil

'Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil'

How you feel about the back end of this fourth season of 'Chuck' all depends on how much you like having it center around the moral dilemmas of a character that we only met last week. Introducing new characters into 'Chuck' has often led to an infusion of new energy, but to date these characters have existed either to complement our main ones or to create tension between them. But aside from perhaps Shaw (and really, the less said about him the better), we've never had to really invest in the inner workings of these figures.

With Vivian Volkoff, the show's drawing up a physical manifestation of a previously metaphorical question: What if Chuck had used the Intersect for evil, not good? What if he took the power available to him and used it not to doggedly pursue the girl of his dreams, but hoarded goods, services, and a plethora of women like a sci-fi Tony Montana? Vivian isn't quite there just yet (and yes, she doesn't have the one-to-one equivalent of an Intersect at her disposal), but she's currently at a fork in the road, without a solid base upon which she can make an informed decision. To sum up the problem that lies ahead: "There but for the grace of Grimes go I ..."


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