'Modern Family' Season 2, Episode 17 Recap

Modern Family Two Monkeys and a Panda

['Modern Family' - 'Two Monkeys and a Panda']

Not every episode of a comedy has to be fall-down funny to be effective. One of the things that 'Modern Family' had been lacking in a little bit this season was some of the heart that carried it through last year's infrequent misses.

Tonight we saw an episode that had much of the heart that we saw last year, and it made for three satisfying stories. That doesn't happen much in an episode where the three families are in their own separate universes, but when all three stories are well thought-out and not used as filler, these are the results.

And it's interesting that there was an inverse relationship between funniness and emotion. The Cam/Mitch story had the least number of laughs but the most heart, and the Dunphy story was the funniest but least emotional. The Pritchetts? Equal amounts of both.


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