Recap: 'Fringe' - 'Subject 13'

"Subject 13" returned "Fringe" to the type of emotional bedrock that marks the show at its best, the type threaded throughout the end of Season 1 through the first arc of Season 3. I’ve had issues with the recent series of episodes in which Peter has to essentially go through the most dramatic rose ceremony ever in order to determine the fate of millions. "Subject 13" returns to the show’s primary emotional hook, which is that the things people will do for those they care about can have unintended consequences for those far beyond the small unit of friendship or family in question. Those actions can be widespread enough without cracks in the universe, but turn downright deadly when they do.

Mileage may vary on the fact that tonight’s episode showed the first meeting between Peter and Olivia, a meeting never before hinted at by any character in the show. Luckily, "Fringe" has a retcon built right into the faulty memories of Walter, Peter, and Olivia, so this didn’t really bother me in the slightest. It helps that the child actors who played Peter and Olivia did so competently, and at times quite effectively. But it also repositioned the pair back to a place that was more recognizable, and much more subtle, than the recent on-the-nose dialogue in which the two rotely exchanged sentences declaring their feelings for each other. Read More...


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