THE DEFENDERS “Noland v. Galloway Pharmaceuticals” Review

THE DEFENDERS "Noland v. Galloway Pharmaceuticals" Season 1 Episode 16 – Lisa is on the case of a lifetime but when Nick and Pete find an even bigger case on the tail of it, they decide to take over. She’s not happy about it but I like that she didn’t back down from Nick. She fought back for herself and for her client and even though they went through with the other case anyway, it was obvious that Nick respected her for what she did. It also helped her to make up her mind not to take that other job offer she got from her boyfriend with the DA.

The other part of this episode that floored me was the stunt that Nick and Pete pulled in court. I knew something was up when Nick asked Pete how allergic he was to shellfish but even when he ate the shrimp, I thought it was a trick. No way did I think Pete would agree to being poisoned in court just to prove a point. Yeah sure Nick had the epi pen on him but still, that was awesome. Read More...


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