Fringe Review: "Subject 13"

It seems that what we learned last week in "6B" about the heightened emotional state playing a very important part in the ability to safely travel through universes has, in fact, been the basis of Walter’s research from the very beginning.

He knew that by using a device to cross, such as he did to save Walternate’s Peter from dying of the same disease his own Peter did, created such havoc on the fabric separating the universes that it was unwise to attempt to do so again, even if it meant Peter couldn’t get home.

For some reason, it was lost on me, when we first learned about Walter saving Peter from the other side, that he had every intention of returning him.

I’m not saying that it wasn’t made perfectly clear to other people, but in my mind’s eye he had intended to keep Peter and to save his wife, Elizabeth, grief. I’m embarrassed to say I have no idea why this was my impression, because I couldn’t have been farther off base. Read More...


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