SUPERNATURAL “The French Mistake” Review

SUPERNATURAL "The French Mistake" Season 6 Episode 15 – First up I’m just gonna say that I have not been this excited for an episode of a television series since..okay so maybe never. I just knew that something this meta-tastic was gonna have to be good.

Supernatural has been knocking on the fourth wall since Season 1 when Sam and Dean visited a movie set and a busload of tourists went by on their way to visit the Gilmore Girls set. While it’s not new it does seem like every time they do it they take it up a notch. I didn’t think anything could beat the way they knocked down the fourth wall in last season’s "The Real Ghostbusters". But in this episode they took a tractor to the thing and destroyed it.

And yet, much like last year’s ep, things aren’t exactly right. The Supernatural convention portrayed in that episode was funny, but not representative at all of what a real one is like (I should know, I’ve been to no less than five now). Here too, things aren’t quite right. Yes the boys are thrust into a world where they’re Jared and Jensen but these guys are apparently the more douche-y versions of Jared and Jensen. In fact the whole cast and crew are the douche-y versions of themselves. Read More...


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