'Supernatural' recap: Jensen Ackles and Something Called a Jared Padalecki

Have you ever had something made especially for you? Maybe you've designed a t-shirt online, or commissioned a piece of art, or even just eaten a Subway sandwich. If so, then you know it's a great feeling to have something that's so completely perfect, so completely yours, that it doesn't matter if other people get it -- becauseyou do. I gather Supernatural superfans got the same feeling from "The French Mistake."

For those fans who revel in the inside jokes, who go to conventions, who are invested in this fandom, last night's episode was perfection. (In the spirit of full disclosure, I'll admit to counting myself among this  group...so prepare for a little gushing.) And for managing to write an episode that was both a thank you (to fans) and an eff you (to naysayers), this episode deserves many props. Read More...



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