'Fringe': Two worlds collide

For a while now, we’ve known — from clues dropped; from flickers of behavior; from good guessing — that both Walter and Walternate are not mere good vs. bad opposites. This week’s Fringe let us know how close the two universes’ Walters are, in one of the most moving and revelatory episodes in the series’ short history. Set in 1985, the episode titled "Subject 13? portrayed Peter and Olivia as children (and very well-played, too, by Chandler Canterbury and Karley Scott Collins). Pre-credits, we saw a young Peter standing on the ice-covered Reiden Lake, a rope around his waist, a block of stone tied to the other end, trying to smash his way into the cold water. This was the same site, of course, where the Observer saved Peter from drowning, and the same area from which Walter pierced the universes to steal the "other" Peter back to our side. What was also immediately established in these opening moments was the idea of extreme emotion (another key theme of "Subject 13?) — little Peter was so upset, so maddeningly confused at having been brought to our world without explanation from these alternative versions of his parents, Walter and Elizabeth, that he was willing to brave icy depths in a mistaken attempt to, as he put it in a note, "go home," to reach, as he said later, heartbreakingly, "the other world at the bottom of the lake." Read More...



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