CSI: NY “The Untouchables” Review

CSI: NY "The Untouchables" Season 7 Episode 16 – Before we discuss this week’s episode, let’s all take a second to address the "upcoming scenes" that just about every TV show presents at the end of their programming. I personally HATE these. I fast-forward through the upcoming scenes on every show I watch. For me, it completely takes away the surprise. For dramas, they sometimes give away big plot points or important information of that episode which completely spoils it for people trying to go into it fresh. For comedies, we see a few of the jokes completely out of context in a completely different manner than the writers wanted us to see them.

The reason I’m bringing this up now is that the most recent episode of CSI: NY, "The Untouchables", had an opening scene that was completely ruined by the last episode’s "upcoming episode" scenes. All of the punch and the drama of Mac taking off the mask and revealing that the hostage was him was completely ruined if you watch those freaking scenes! If I wasn’t so busy writing my review last week, I would have skipped those scenes and been totally surprised when I saw Mac’s face. But alas, I wasn’t. I implore you all to not watch those scenes on all of your shows for this next week. See how it feels to watch all of your shows with a completely blank slate, and let me know what you think. Read More...



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