CSI: NY Review: "The Untouchable"

The bad guys never seem to learn that threatening and assaulting Mac only means that he's never going to stop trying to find the truth. With that first look of determination in his eyes I was on board with "The Untouchable" to the very end.

There was never any doubt in my mind that Mac would catch the killers.

The intrigue of this episode came from the way the CSIs had to unravel the clues laid out by Tessa James. Her mental disorder was never quite clear to me - though Jo did mention OCD - but the puzzle she left behind became a great test of the team's skills.

Mac's connection to Tessa, and his gut feeling that she had been on to something shined through in the flashbacks.

His distinction between following his gut and following his heart was palpable, and reminded me of the way many great fictional detectives worked, like Poirot with his little grey cells. Read More...



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