Modern Family Episode Recap: "Regrets Only"

A big fight upsets Claire and confuses Phil. Jay pays for past mistakes when Gloria develops a karaoke obsession. Meanwhile, Mitchell scrambles to repair the damage he's caused to a charity event that Cam is planning.

It's morning at the Dunphys and Phil and Claire have clearly slept apart. They have a vague conversation about the previous evening's fight. Claire looks disheveled and Phil has no clue what he did wrong. And the kitchen literally looks like a bomb went off. Normally, I would find this "men are clueless, women are crazy" scenario pretty tired, but Phil and Claire have been exhibiting these characteristics all season, so they've earned my patience for the time being.

At the Pritchett-Delgado residence, Jay, and his eardrums, are suffering in silence as Gloria enjoys her latest birthday gift: a karaoke machine. As she slaughters "Angel of the Morning," Jay casually drops a spoon into the running garbage disposal, a sound he finds preferable.

Cam is in a tailspin readying his home for an event, and when Mitchell asks him what the occasion is, Cam flips out and says that Mitchell never listens to him. It turns out, Mitchell was kidding and knows every single detail of the event, what charity it's supporting, and the fact that Cam has to nail it in order to defeat Andrew, his charity-event nemesis. Apparently, listening is a recurring issue in their relationship: Mitchell often multi-tasks, letting things fall through the cracks, and Cam never misses a detail, which is exhibited by his ability to translate what Mitchell wants from the store through a mouthful of toothpaste. Read More...


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