SHAMELESS “It’s Time to Kill the Turtle” Review”

SHAMELESS "It’s Time to Kill the Turtle" Season 1 Episode 8 - Frank stumbles into an opportunity to earn some money if he does the unthinkable while Lip and Fiona ponder their futures in the "It’s time to Kill the Turtle" episode of SHAMELESS.

After a bender lands Frank in the hospital, he’s offered a spot in a paid medical study that requires him to stop drinking for two weeks. As amusing as it is watching him try, the kids’ reactions (and Sheila’s) are much more interesting and the arc is both bittersweet and revealing for all involved. In particular, there are a couple of stellar Deb-Lip scenes.

Now that Lip’s SAT fees have dried up, Fiona has to scramble harder than ever to keep the household afloat. She is presented with two very different opportunities and what she chooses speaks volumes about what she thinks of herself and her life. She also must also deal with Steve’s potentially suspicious actions as we get a tantalizing peek into Steve’s life away from the Gallaghers. Read More...


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