'Californication' Season 4, Episode 8 Recap

So, what if the love of your life is the thing that has been keeping you from true happiness? It's not uncommon for people to get into a lengthy relationship, have their souls and any inkling of self-respect removed, yet continue to pony up to the bar and order a tall stiff glass of incompatibility because it's the only thing they know will get them drunk enough to make it through another night.

What I'm trying to say, rather unsuccessfully, is that maybe all this time spent trying to please Karen and win her back wasn't just in vain, but misguided as well, because Karen and Hank just aren't good together. If every relationship that began with two people partying until one of them was knocked up ended up being a perfect match, divorces would be like exercise: Not worth the pain in the ass. But since so many people spend so much time with the wrong person for the wrong reasons, divorces (break-ups) aren't only worth it, they're like Caribbean vacations ... and it's time for Hank to book a flight to Aruba. Read More...



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