Charlie Sheen Spoils ABC's 'Exclusive' by Talking to NBC's 'Today'

Last week radio listeners got more than an earful of Charlie Sheen's rantings and ravings, and now TV viewers can also get in on the act.
It's been reported that the 'Two and a Half Men' star's caused even more controversy over the weekend by giving interviews to not one, but two, TV networks, with the networks racing each other to be the first to air them this morning.
First, he sat down Saturday with ABC's Amanda Canning, in what the network said was "an exclusive" interview. ABC ran promos for it during last night's Oscars telecast, and planned to air the interview in segments of 'Good Morning America' Monday and Tuesday, with a one-hour special Tuesday night at 10PM ET.
But then he gave another interview, this time to NBC's Jeff Rossen, on Sunday. And in a move that 'The Hollywood Reporter' says resulted in "apoplexy" over at ABC News, the rival network said it will air the interview during early segments of this morning's 'Today Show.'


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