How I Met Your Mother 6.18 "A Change of Heart" Review

A change of heart…

Did Barney almost have one?


I must say I was excited when Barney showed up at the café to meet Nora’s parents tonight and then I was just as easily instantly disappointed when we were shown he just watched them from the door and walked away. It seemed like almost for a moment, Barney had done what Robin wanted him to….he had grown up.

Much of tonight’s Barney/Nora storyline was told through flashbacks as a cardiologist explained irregularities in Barney’s heart rate to Barney and Lily. In light of Marshall’s father’s unexpected heart attack, the whole gang has decided to get their hearts checked out. Everyone was good to go but Barney, needing a little moral support, brought Lily along to his appointment. Read More...


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