Skins US 1.07 "Michelle" Review

Everything's out in the open after last night's Skins not only blew the lid on secret relationships and mind games run amok, but STDs and some epic male whoring as well. Almost no one was left unscathed in the aftermath that was TonyGate, but one thing is for sure: the US gang has clearly made their own path and tend to stick to it.

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle. It's sad how gullible you were, but blaming everyone else for not telling you what was blatant all along is not how one should handle a much needed wake up call. The saddest thing to me throughout the whole ordeal was how everyone who knew about Tony's long list of conquests behind Michelle's back thought that she knew about the cheating. When it gets that ridiculous, you can't do anything else but pull the plug on the 'relationship' and make sure to get some serious counseling afterwards. Read More...


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