'The Bachelor' recap: Get Out of Africa

Rose lovers! How are you this fine day? I'm feeling a bit jet-lagged after following Brad all the way to South Africa for this segment of his "journey."  At least I was able to take a nap during the first five minutes of the episode, which was yet another review of the three "ladies" left -- Chantal the hysteric, Ashley the skeptic, and Emily the Tragic Mom -- so I think I'm gonna be able to power through.

Finally, Brad's plane lands in beautiful South Africa, which the Bachelor explains is "a very vast land of exotic animals." It's also a land where he'll get to spend some "very intimate time" with the "ladies" at the lovely-looking Lion Sands Private Game Reserve. First up is Chantal, whose top half understands she's in Africa, but her bottom half thinks she's serving moonshine at the Boar's Nest in Hazzard County. She actually seems surprised that she and Brad will be going on a safari… Perhaps she thought a "private game reserve" was a place where valuable copies of Sorry! and Parcheesi are kept in climate-controlled play rooms? Anyhoo, Chantal and Brad drive past lions, rhinos, elephants, one very mellow giraffe, and then sit down for a riverbank picnic in clear view of a hippo. Read More...



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